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Special Thanks to Sarah Braum and Molly Palefski

for organizing and coordinating our Purim Program.


The obligation of matanot l'evyonim is to give to different people.  

To fulfill one's obligation, please donate an amount to Donation A and Donation B.

These are two separate places that the Kehilah will make sure is distributed on Purim day.

Since this is a virtual donation, all monies should be donated by 8 AM.

*Please note that PayPal will take 3% from your donation for processing fees



While the obligation of Machatzit haShekel is cannot be fulfilled given that we do not have a Beit HaMikdash or Mishkan, there is still a standard custom to give money - three half-coins,

zecher l'machzit haShekel.  This money often goes for the needs and maintenance of the community where the funds are collected.  The amount is customarily three half-coins - three half dollars are given for each adult, and for the children as well.  The half shekels are customarily given before Mincha on Taanit Esther or before Megilah reading on Purim night.  Some give the Machatzit haShekel in the morning of megilah reading. Please have in mind that your donation is in memory of the machazit haShekel when donating.

Hatach:  $36

Charvona:  $50

Mordechai:  $75

Esther:  $100