Our Kehilah is founded on the following values:

Creating a respectful and inclusive makom tefilah (prayer environment)

  • Engaging and meaningful tefilah, free of conversation

  • A warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere

  • Commitment to women’s communal presence and participation

  • Appreciation of a multi-generational community

Learning Torah

  • Commitment to personal and communal growth and connection to Hashem through learning Torah

  • Creating learning opportunities throughout the week

Incorporating chesed into our personal and communal lives

  • Community service projects

  • Environmental awareness

  • Caring for the needy in our community

Supporting spiritual and lay leadership irrespective of gender

About Our Tefilah

  • We are an inclusive Modern Orthodox community

  • We daven Nusach Ashkenaz

  • Mechitza down the middle of the room (creating equal access for both women and men in our kehilah)

  • Carrying the Sefer Torah on both the men and women’s side

  • Boys and girls may chant Anim Zmirot, Ain Kelokainu, Aleinu and Adon Olam

  • Men and Women may recite the mishebeirach prayers.

  • Men and women will serve as gabbaim on each side of the mechitza to enable distribution of kibbudim

  • Men and women may be given the kibbud of p’ticha (opening the Aron) before Anim Z’mirot and before the Torah is taken out and returned to the Aron.